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The one that seem to be doing most of the events are done by Apostles. Apostles leader are wanting to make it where they run their our club and events but still keep on inviting all the bloodlines member just to clean up the event more. She is wanting to tighten up and make Apostles more happy and have it more organized.

Weekly meeting for clan. Every Tuesday night @ 4:30 pm sl time so everyone can at least make it to one meeting a month. These meets are going to be a catch all for all clan business such as events, complaints, problems, updates and everything that need to be talked about. There will be rotating MC for the meeting so everyone has a say and everyone has input for these meeting. We are looking for ideas for how the meeting is done. like an outline for these meetings

Sanctuary might be change a bit. to maybe have two club one as heavy metal and other club more of a lounge area. and have it where they switch off and on once a week one night for heavy metal like and the other one more softer music that fits the lounge setting. this has been brought about due to the lack of dj. so we are looking for djs if anyone want to try to dj please get with Sloth. The only thing is there will be no money on the board unless some people donate if they want to. There was talk about the Lucky Egg spoiler for it is a good way to gain money for the club. Next Thursday event Evil Queen and Nasty Kings for Sanctuary with DJ Gwen

Then every Sunday night will be family game night with smoothing music instead of the dog pound.

Next event we are wanting more event ideas for the family. (tag and ball has been talked about as possibly events)

Modus and Wicked came up with an idea about recruiting new member using Bloodlines. we are looking for other idea to recruit. we might do some hunting parties and go out and find others that want to join in the family. Any that comes into the family need to interviewed by Wicked or Modus first before the are added to the family. This well help out not only with Progeny but also Afterlife. Come up with some ideas and clubs you think you can scout at and bring them to the next meeting. and make it more not BSDM but more family type so we don't run into the problem with the inter mangle of family members. Wicked felt that is is best when someone meets someone and get together as a couple she feels that is best to have them moved under an different house so for the first month or two so in case something happen with the couple breaking up they are already part of two different houses.

Spirit will MC the next meeting.
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