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Roll Called

16:33] Catzie Rose (beastkulow1): i can barely hear :/ im sorry..
[16:33] ƓѠƐƝƐƬH Mooη Lohner ČØηčєקt (gwen1112): here
[16:33] МØđuş ČØηčєקt (modus): heree
[16:33] ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ßεαяѕƒσσŦ ČØηčєקt (celestialgypsy.serpente): Here
[16:33] ƜɪČkعժ ČØηčєקt (wicked2712.bearsfoot): role call
[16:33] Tyranny Elemmiire (tyrannyelemmiire): here
[16:33] Lord ReaperҬʀὄὗвłe Wolf ČØηčєקt (threshchains): randomly here


Old News

Wicked will be redoing the land we will be having meetings her land but next week it might be over on gwen land if the redo is done.

Wicked will be reopening up the land for all to hang out and have fun again. There is no war right now and should be safe for all those that can come to look around and just enjoy the land. It will be Clan Land for all

Falkin is our Srg At Arms. He is big at teaching others to fight and help other with family feeding and Family banking Falkin is your man to learn or to help if no one is around ot help out with feedings and what not. When he does fight training he well do full on fighting so make sure if you ask him to teach you make sure you are full.

Wicked wants to start up Progeny classes To help with Recurring and so all knows the best way to explaining the systems to others with out breaking the rules. it also will help with those who want to be a sire to learn how to teach new members as well. The classes will be mandatory. it will be Monday 11/20/17 at 4 sl time

New News

Progeny classes started and it all went well last night

Club and the stores are open to all and half the sim is for Clan members only

There are shops for all who want on to sell stuff the shops can be saved to you pick to help with traffic and if you have a shop please get it done as soon as you can please

Hunderprest Club is now open for all it can be use for feeding that is not Friends or family and for added new member it will be like Sanctuary just under one roof one night it will be Jazz and softer type song and the next Mental rock and stuff like that.

There is a Tag for both club and shops that will be needed to be able to rezz and to be able to move your stuff at the shops

Catzie is with the title for Little breast she is a advisor for us older people for the more younger people and getting song that is more for all people and not just for the older folks Congrats Cat on you promotions

If people want to host just ask the dj that you want host for to see if they want one or not.


Up coming events

Nov 25 is Thanksgiving night hang out stating at 4:00 so any family that does not have anything plan with rl stuff or that get done early everyone is welcome to come and hang out with the family here Many pilgrims and sexy Indian DJ Gwen

Nov 26 is BLACK FRIDAY Shopping trip LM will be given out when everyone gets together Meeting will be at Hunderprest

Dec we have Plan a Winter Ball details is coming

Modus Birthday is Dec 25

At the first of the Year

Highland Games/Highland dance night

water slide park

Next Mc will be
Falkin with Spirit as backup

Form site for Apostles

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