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Roll Called

[16:35] Tyranny Elemmiire (tyrannyelemmiire): here
[16:35] ƓѠƐƝƐƬH Mooη Lohner ČØηčєקt (gwen1112): Here
[16:35] МØđuş ČØηčєקt (modus): here
[16:35] King Spirited Dragon (spiriteddragon): roflmbo
[16:35] ƜɪČkعժ ČØηčєקt (wicked2712.bearsfoot): here
[16:35] Lord ReaperҬʀὄὗвłe Wolf ČØηčєקt (threshchains): kinda here
[16:35] Catzie Rose (beastkulow1): suprise, buttsecks
[16:35] King Spirited Dragon (spiriteddragon): i mean , Here
[16:35] Prince Logan Dragon (loganfp): here
[16:36] ƒαℓкιη ѕуℓναηαяι (asmodenus): here


Old News

Progeny classes started and it all went well last night

Club and the stores are open to all and half the sim is for Clan members only

There are shops for all who want on to sell stuff the shops can be saved to you pick to help with traffic and if you have a shop please get it done as soon as you can please

Hunderprest Club is now open for all it can be use for feeding that is not Friends or family and for added new member it will be like Sanctuary just under one roof one night it will be Jazz and softer type song and the next Mental rock and stuff like that.

There is a Tag for both club and shops that will be needed to be able to rezz and to be able to move your stuff at the shops

Catzie is with the title for Little beast she is a advisor for us older people for the more younger people and getting song that is more for all people and not just for the older folks Congrats Cat on you promotions

If people want to host just ask the dj that you want host for to see if they want one or not.


New News

Wicked and Modus has been working on a library for all the info including Clans meeting and the class plus all the progeny info

Ravnos has been hunting Blackburns so be on the look out and stay full and stay watchful. even if we are no longer Blackburns we still so in out scan we are in the bloodline and if you are attacked just let them know you are not a Blackburn and you are a Concept Kept Bite card ready to be on the safe side

Falkin is trying to get a day for all for fight training. and we are thinking that Tuesday are the best so we can at least learn how to defend ourselves and help each other. Ever Tuesday nights right after Clan meetings for all to be there only if RL pulls Falkin away from chat. Humans are allowed to watch and learn how to fight as a human such as using huggers to help the vampires to prevent them from getting bitten.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you make a Notecard put in the Notecard all you events and meetings and time that you do them and if you lose that all the event and meetings are posted in Clan Notices so go to the Clan profile then click on the Notices tab and you will see all the notices that has been sent out the past 14 days. This is just in case if Gwen, Modus and/or Wicked are not online to ask for the notices or for the times you can get the info there.

The next trainee Proxy is Tyranny Congrats Tyranny


Up coming events

Hunderprest Club Nov 30 @ 4;30 sl time biker week Rock and Country Rock with DJ Gwen.

Dec 3 if everyone has nothing else to do we will have a nice relaxing Family Game night.

Dec 7 is Kiera and Leon wedding starting at 6 pm sl time Hunderprest Club will be closed that night.

Dec the 9 at 4 Winter Ball details is coming

Dec 17 is ugly sweater night and ice skating At 4 pm sl time

Dec the 23 is Modus Birthday Party at 4 pm sl Scotties Birthday For God Modus

Modus Birthday is Dec 25

At the first of the Year

Highland Games/Highland dance night

water slide park

Next Chair will be
Tyranny and Gwen as Back up

Form site for Apostles

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