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[16:32] King Spirited Dragon (spiriteddragon Resident): here
[16:32] ƜɪČkعժ ČØηčєקt (wicked2712 Bearsfoot): here
[16:32] Gweneth Moon Lohner Concept (Gwen1112 Resident): here
[16:32] ѕloтн concepт (SlothIsSin Resident): here
[16:32] Tyranny Elemmiire (TyrannyElemmiire Resident): here
[16:33] МØđuş ČØηčєקt (Modus Resident): here
[16:33] ThreshChains Resident: possible here.... maybe [16:34] ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ßεαяѕƒσσŦ ČØηčєקt (CelestialGypsy Serpente): Here into local please Cele


Old News
Wicked and Modus Library for the Clan - all Pv info, Classes, ETC
Ravonos..watch out we will scan as Blackburns - Tell them you are no longer part of the line
Falkin fight training- Tues learn basic defense and fighting right fatre clan meetings on tues
PLEASE make sure you keep an updated NC so you do not have to ask what is happening within the clan OR go to group notices
OTC - Tyranny


Still need to get those stores filled
Bite command against Cel is off
[16:41] ƒαℓкιη ѕуℓναηαяι (asmodenus Resident): I just saved a bunch on my insurance by switching to geico
Turn out at Hunderprest ( 32 people ) continue to bring in the peeps
Wicked to Moderate next tues
Cel will Moderate for the following tues

Up coming events

Dec 3 if everyone has nothing else to do we will have a nice relaxing Family Game night.

Dec 7 is Kiera and Leon wedding starting at 6 pm sl time Hunderprest Club will be closed that night.

Dec the 9 at 4 Winter Ball details is coming

Dec 17 is ugly sweater night and ice skating At 4 pm sl time

Dec the 23 is Modus Birthday Party at 4 pm sl Scotties Birthday For God Modus

Modus Birthday is Dec 25

New Years!!! January 1st 2018 Little kids in Pajamas

At the first of the Year

Highland Games/Highland dance night

water slide park

Next Chair will be
Tyranny and Gwen as Back up

Form site for Apostles


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