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PostSubject: 04-07-2018   04-07-2018 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2018 12:23 am

Apostles of Maleficium Clan Meeting 04/17/2018 4:00pm slt

In Attendance
ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot)
ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente)
ЌααŻ ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (thejackal125)
Reaper Ҭʀὄὗвłἔ Wolf Ťяιηιтŷ (threshchains) - Scribe
Fatal Fang
Уυυki ℳ. ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (yunalesca005)
ѕloтн ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (slothissin)
Catzie Rose ShadowClaws Trinity (beastkulow1)

Roll Call
[16:07] ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot): here
[16:07] Fatal Fang: here
[16:07] ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente): Here
[16:07] ѕloтн ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (slothissin): here
[16:07] Уυυki ℳ. ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (yunalesca005): here
[16:07] ЌααŻ ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (thejackal125): Here
[16:08] Reaper Ҭʀὄὗвłἔ Wolf Ťяιηιтŷ (threshchains): deaf but here

Old Business

•Family Pictures are still being done. Please refer people needing pictures to Wicked.

•Still waiting on pictures from Parth on magazine article

New Business

•House Officers have homework this week. Describe the structure of your particular house. What is in place such as rules, idea behind your House. This is geared to help each other, & to spread understanding that you House can be geared the way you like. Discuss ideas, plans, what's being used, what's not being used, to develop houses even more.

•Sunday's night event needs to be discussed at house leaders meeting. Either ironwood Hills or Game Night

•Clan needs scribes. We usually have 2. If interested, get in touch with ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente) or Reaper Ҭʀὄὗвłἔ Wolf Ťяιηιтŷ (threshchains)

•Suggestion is made to combine Taco Tuesday with Taco Wednesday with House leaders meeting. ( :-)

•Discussion will not be had regarding what happened this week. Just know it is very rare for a KoS order put out.

•Castle has been switched to summer vacation castle. Everything is summer themed. Enjoy the build!

•Clan was invited to see Paris Obscur (jonathandimitri.soderstrom) at Ragnorak last week, & thoughts are in the works to hire him and make an open event. We should be thinking about fundraisers to get money to hire hIm. It would be a nice gift to give back to the system.
website : http://www.paris-obscur.com/group
url (paste in local to get link to join): secondlife:///app/group/668b1d31-0053-33e0-a0ad-581f21b0e188/about

•Wednesday is Logan @ club vinyl 6 to 8 pm slt. Everyone come out and show support!

•Thursday is open.to clubbing. We do need dj's for Thursday.. any budding dj, may jump in!

•Friday - Keg Party at new platform "summer gutter" 6 to 9 with Logan.

•Saturday - Clubbing Night

•Sunday - TBD by House Leaders Meeting

Meeting Adjourned at 4:28pm slt

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