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PostSubject: 04-10-2018   04-10-2018 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2018 12:24 am

Role Call
[16:06] ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot): here
[16:06] ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente): Here
[16:06] ЌααŻ ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (thejackal125): here
[16:06] P͎l͎a͎t͎i͎n͎u͎m͎ t͎h͎e͎ Ťяιηιтŷ (anjaetheangel): here
[16:06] Ɲуëтнαη Vєηƒιηα (khaavrein): Here
[16:06] Уυυki ℳ. ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (yunalesca005): here
[16:06] Tyranny Star Trinity (tyrannyelemmiire): here
[16:06] ღ Rơʂıɛ Vєηƒιηα ღ (rosiedarkstorm): here
[16:06] Fatal Fang: here
[16:06] MєƖƖу ƇαƖƖιɗσяα Ɓσπεz (melainagodness): Here
[16:06] Catzie Rose ShadowClaws Trinity (beastkulow1): here...
[16:06] Reaper Ҭʀὄὗвłἔ Wolf R ß Trinity (threshchains): here

Wander got a new house

still working on the queens ceremony

kaaz has been granted delegate position

Kai and Kaaz had there blood moon Trial

we still are thinking on if we should be renegade and people should still be talking with other blood lines

people still need to get with Wicked about there formal picture


EVERY NEW MEMBER should be given Clan Laws as soon as they join.

once a month with the Queen Ceremony to recognize the hard work of the clansmen it will be a formal affair

Diablotic Parth would like the names of everyone who helped create the new alter area for the Progeny magazine

there might be some change on where we meet for meetings.

the Orb has been reset so if anyone is having problems getting on the castle land to contact an Officer or House Officer

we are starting to grow more make sure to add your new clansmen and don't be afraid to meet them and say hello

Since we have grown on Monday the 23th will be a new span of classes

The Gutter and EVENT!!!!
Friday the 13th at 12pm SLT Lord Ragnorak has invited us to a live concert
Wednesday The Beast Logan will be starting at Club Vinyl at 6pm - 8pm SLT
Thursday The Gutter is open for anyone to do whatever whenever
Friday- The Gutter - Logan- 6-9
Saturday - will be Family Clubbing night
Sunday- family time play it by ear


Redeclaration font
a ceremony for bring in new houses or vampires an humans

clan formal family photos get with wicked lets get them done

fatal has been working on the houses banners

translators everyone needs to find one an use them

in the next few weeks we will be having the queens ceremony
Ragnarok april 13th 12pmslt -2pmslt

logan the beast at club Vinyl


Next weeks Moderator- Wicked
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