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Past Meeting- Highlights

Clubs/Events Closed to Gladium Velato
Plans for outings:
Movie Night
Lego Lazer Tag

Upcoming Events

Sanctuary Cold Oct 12 thurs
Celldweller & Infected Mushroom Music [Industrial Genre]
CyberPunk Themed - Possible landmarks

Thursday 14th
Malkavian Bearsfoot
Family Game Night - Dog Pound
@ Sunday

Halloween part is set up and all good.
Prizes for Costume party.
Invitations will be made.
@ October Sunday 29th - 4:00 PM SLT to Whenever w/

November Events

November 11th
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Thanksgiving Hang

Black Friday 23rd 2017
Shopping Field Trip [? Date/Time]

December Events
Christmas Ball

Next Meeting MC
SlothIsSin Resident

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