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PostSubject: 05-15-2018   Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:25 am

Apostles of Maleficium Clan Meeting 05/15/2018 4:00pm slt
Moderator: ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente)
Scribe: Fatal Fang

In Attendance
ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente)
Reaper Ҭʀὄὗвłἔ Wolf Ťяιηιтŷ (threshchains) - Scribe
Fatal Fang
Уυυki ℳ. ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (yunalesca005)
ѕloтн ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (slothissin)
Catzie ShadowClaws Spiritous (beastkulow1)

Roll Call

[15:59] Fatal Fang: here
[15:59] ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente): Here
[15:59] Уυυki ℳ. ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (yunalesca005): here
[15:59] ѕloтн ß.ƲєѕρєяαєŤяιηιтŷ (slothissin): here.
[16:17] Reaper Ҭʀὄὗвłἔ Wolf Ťяιηιтŷ (threshchains): here

Old Business
• it was suggested we work on personal backstory a mix of how we actually came into the clan/family and a roleplay. Get creative with it! Mondays will be for working on backstory instead of classes and help each other give ideas.

• there is a Progeny Discord server made by Diabolic Lucifer, if you haven't joined it, it would be nice if you did if the following link does not work contact Reaper or Wicked for a new link:


•Still looking for ideas for fundraising to hire Paris Obscur (jonathandimitri.soderstrom)

New Business
• New Patron Diabolic - Diabolic Lυcιƒєя Ʋєѕρєяαє (esotericeon) - He has adopted Wicked as his daughter making us his grand children & great grand children & have the option to use his last name in theirs. It is not expected or demanded. It is completely optional. When you see Him be sure to say hi.

•Litha Celebration - June 21

•ⓔ Black Wizardly (black.wizardly) was embraced into Lord Wander's House. If You did not make the embracing be sure to welcome him!

• Lord Reaper is looking for the songs that you find inspiring for his set this week. If you have a song he should include, please let him know.


•Wednesday is Club Vinyl with the Beast, DJ Logan 6 to 8
•Thursday is Reaper in the Forest with Inspirational Set 4 to ?
•Friday is DJ Logan at the Forest 6 to 8
•Saturday is Club Hopping around the grid ..Meet at Castle 4pm
•Sunday is Chill out day.. no set time, may have game tables out

Moderator for next week : ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß. Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente), backup will be ѕloтн ß.Ťяιηιтŷ (slothissin)

Scribe for next week will be: Fatal Fang

Meeting Adjourned at 4:18 pm slt

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