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Role call:
Fatal Fang
SlothIsSin Resident
Wicked2712 Bearsfoot
Asmodenus Resident
TheJackal125 Resident
Kalana Resident
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CelestialGypsy Serpente
MeaLumi Resident


- Paris Obcura Fundraiser, 5000 Linden an hour, and we still need fundraiser ideals. Possible ideals Magic Mike Event and/or Auction

Donated so far:

- Falkin and Kai - 5,000 Linden
- Fatal - 1,000 Linden

Fundraiser paid for talked about doing it sometime in December.

- Backstories are still welcomed and can be helped on Monday with each other, the more stories the better.

- Reminder anyone in contact with Nyethan or Tyranny (or ANY Ex-members of the Clan); remember there is to be no clan or house business to be discussed with them.

- Talked about doing themed events:

- 60s Styled Event
- Logans Sock Hop

- Armbands are being worked on by Reaper.

- Any members wanting to be in Lineage, new HUD-Based System, please contact
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