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PostSubject: 07-10-2018   07-10-2018 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2018 12:28 am

Apostles of Maleficium Clan Meeting 7/10/2018 at 5:00 PM SLT

Moderator: asmodenus resident

Scribe: celestialgypsy.serpente

In Attendance
slothissin resident
mealumi resident
asmodenus resident

Scibe: celestialgypsy.sepente

Old Business
• RP Monday 07/03 was small but very successful & lots of fun & keep doing on Monday @ 5pm SLT- ?  Roles will change weekly

• Wicked will be making a calendar for a fund-raiser, if anyone is interested in modeling contact: ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot) or ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ  (celestialgypsy.serpente)  it will be sexy photos but not totally nude
   Falkin, Sloth, Mea, CraigE, & Celest listed so far more needed

• Paris Obcura Concert (12/07/2018 2pm SLT Location TBA) paid for thanks to donations by  : Falkin and Kai & Fatal

• The Summer Solstice/Litha Event will be a featured article in the Progeny Magazine with photographs.

• Events Committee for clan, if interested get with Celest

• Lineage still closed Beta & no new news

• Diabolic Parthenia will be working for us to try & get us back to the GCSC & COH meetings.

New Business
• Wicked is adding a Cheesecake Girls booklet as a bonus to go with the Trinity Calender, looking for more female family member, the females will be representing the pin ups of old.  Any questions about looks contact Wicked

• Fatal put into be the Curator at Progeny Museum for the Clan, please answer her questions if you  know it for sure.

• Monday
   Lord Fallen @ Hillbilly Junkyard @ 8-10am SLT

   Catzie will be DJing @ Forbidden Fantasies Escort/Dance Club @ 2-4pm SLT

   RP run - executions!! People Will DIE!!! (This Will be Roleplay) @ Clan Castle @ 5pm SLT until?  Roles to change every week.

• Tuesday
   Lord Fallen Hosting Highway to Rock Shifts @ 6-8am SLT & again @ 10am-12pm SLT

• Wednesday
   Lord Fallen Hosting Highway to Rock Shifts @ 6-8am SLT & again @ 10am-12pm SLT  

   Catzie will be DJing @ Forbidden Fantasies Escort/Dance Club @ 2-4pm SLT  

   Progeny House Leader Training Classes with rotating house leaders teaching @ the Clan castle @5pm SLT

   DJ Logan at Falkin's and Kai's place 6 pm SLT - 8 PM SLT

• Thursday
   Catzie is DJing @ Aether Club & Lounge @2pm-4pm SLT

   Reaper DJing @ the Forest @ 5pm SLT to  ???

• Friday
   DJ Logan @ the Forest @ 6-8pm SLT  

• Saturday
   Lord Fallen Hosting Highway to Rock Shifts @ 12-pm SLT
   DJ Catzie at 2pm - 4pm SLT  @ the Forest

   Club Hopping around the grid ..Meet at Castle 5pm slt

• Sunday

    Chill out day.. no set time, may have game tables out

• CraigE will be added to the DJ run when he is ready to do so

Moderator for next week: Sloth    
Back up will be :

Meeting Adjourned at : 17:55
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