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PostSubject: 07-17-2018   07-17-2018 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2018 12:28 am

Moderator: ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot)

Scribe: ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente)

[16:56] ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot): AS of 7/17/18 I now call this meeting to order, please commit a here to local


[16:56] ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot): here
[16:56] ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente): Here
[16:56] Catzie Blackrose Spiritous (beastkulow1): ereh
[16:57] Mαȥιƙҽҽɳ Bҽʅʅҽɱσɾƚ Vҽʂρҽɾαҽ (huggiesmonster): here
[16:57] ƒαℓкιη ß.Ʋ.Ťяιηιтŷ ѕуℓναηαяι (asmodenus): there (Kai sitting next to)

Old Business
RP Monday 07/16 was small & in group chat, seems Sloth has a plan that will extend into next Monday's RP [We are in morning for the apparent demise of the Queen Mother] @ 5pm SLT- ?

Wicked is making a Trinity Calendar for a fund-raiser & an extra bonus is a booklet of Pinup/Cheesecake photographs if anyone is interested in modeling contact: ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot) or ςεŁεşŦιαŁ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (celestialgypsy.serpente) the pin up girls are old school glamor girls like Betty Paige, Jane Mansfield & etc. There examples on Wicked's Flickr Falkin, Sloth, Mea, CraigE & Celest listed so far more needed

Paris Obcura Concert (12/07/2018 2pm SLT Location TBA)

Fatal put into be the Curator at Progeny Museum for the Clan, please answer her questions if you know it.


New Business

It was suggested by Mαȥιƙҽҽɳ Bҽʅʅҽɱσɾƚ Vҽʂρҽɾαҽ (huggiesmonster) to integrate RPing nights towards field trips like family roleplay sims & such. Wicked & all at the meeting liked the sound of it as it gets us off the sim. Falkin has given a folder of sims as well, but lets try Moms Monday & we'll go from there @ 5pm SLT meet at the club Smile

Last week the Events Committee was set up, this week will be the first meeting, all interested contact Celest

Lineage there is a meeting this Friday @ 2pm SLT on Lineage Land And YES there will be notes taken for anyone not able to make the meeting
Lineage Game - sending of Darknessradegast://embeddedasset/0

Lammas is all set up & waiting for your offerings, requests etc. The only thing we need now is the invitations
[17:15] ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot): once they are complete i ask you pass them to your friends etc
[17:16] ƜɪČkعժ ß.Ʋєѕρєяαє Ťяιηιтŷ (wicked2712.bearsfoot): with each event we get more and more people Smile
if any one has any questions about Lammas you can ask myself or Celest

DJ schedule ..there is now a DJ board up in the foyer & all the DJ's WILL rotate between here & Falkin's club..any questions or changes NEED to go thru sloth

Parth's group has invited us to hunt they are holing from the 16th-21st & it is on private land so we will behave ( not that we don't). It requires you to complete a series of tasks to win the prizes, I think it would benefit us to attend as they went out of thier way to ask us. Caceria de Brujas~Witch Hunt~Necropolis Clanradegast://embeddedasset/1
So this is what we'll do when a group of us get together we'll call out in group chat, let everyone know we are going
Was suggested running it a couple of days & it was agreed


Lord Fallen Hosting Highway to Rock Shifts @ 6-8am SLT & again @ 10am-12pm SLT Catzie will be DJing @ Forbidden Fantasies Escort/Dance Club @ 2-4pm SLT
Event Committee Meeting @ Reaper's castle @5pm SLT
DJ Logan at Falkin's & Kai's place 6pm SLT - ??

Catzie is DJing @ Aether Club & Lounge @2pm-4pm SLT
Reaper DJing @ the Forest @ 5pm SLT to ???

DJ Logan @ the Forest @ 6-8pm SLT

Lord Fallen Hosting Highway to Rock Shifts @ 12-pm SLT
Club Ragnarok Empire of the Night Horngold @ 12pm SLT
DJ Catzie at 2pm - 4pm SLT @ the Forest
Club Hopping around the grid ..Meet at Castle 5pm SLT

•Sunday is Chill out day.. no set time, may have game tables out

• Monday
Lord Fallen Hosting @ Hillbilly Junkyard @ 8-10am SLT
Catzie will be DJing @ Forbidden Fantasies Escort/Dance Club @ 2-4pm SLT
RP run - There will be a Mourning service for the death of the Queen Mother @ 5pm SLT, L/M TBA

•Tuesday Lord Fallen Hosting Highway to Rock Shifts @ 6-8am SLT & again @ 10am-12pm SLT

Moderator for next week: Celest

Back up will be : Sloth

Meeting Adjourned at : 1730
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